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You’re Training Shoulders Too Often! by Nick Tumminello

If you’re an aspiring bodybuilder or weekend warrior, you’re likely following a traditional bodybuilding split that looks similar to this:

Day 1 — Chest & Triceps

Day 2 — Back & Biceps

Day 3 — Shoulders & Abs

Day 4 — Legs (optional)

Day 5 — Pre-nightclub Arms, Abs, Tanning, and Waxing

First things first: This kind of programming absolutely sucks, from both a shoulder health and long-term training perspective.

Think of it this way: Anytime your arms move in an exercise, you’re stressing the muscles of the shoulder. So, chest day is actually chest and shoulders (and triceps) day; back day is really back and shoulders (and biceps) day. Then, after your shoulders have been pounded with heavy, repetitive loads for two days in a row, you go and perform a shoulder-focused training day.

That’s three days out of four in which the shoulders are being loaded. With that lack of recovery, it only makes sense that your shoulders will eventually become overworked, break down, get weaker, and possibly become injured.

But here’s the rub: If your goal is to increase the size of your shoulders, especially if they’re a physique weak-point, you actually do need to train them more often, to a point. Later in this article I’ll provide some sample shoulder training splits that are smart, safe, and effective at building bigger, stronger shoulders, without the risk of injury and potential overuse issues.

If your primary goal is bigger, stronger shoulders, simply spend more time training your shoulders both during the week and within each workout while spending a little less time on the other lifts. Use any of the three shoulder workouts provided after performing compound lifts like bench presses and chin ups, etc.

Here’s how I recommend doing so in both a 3-day and 4-day training split:

Sample 3-Day Spit With Shoulder Emphasis

Day 1 — Pulling + Shoulders (workout #2)

Day 2 — Legs/Hips

Day 3 — Pushing + Shoulders (workout #3)

Rest and Repeat

Sample 4-Day Spit With Shoulder Emphasis

Day 1 — Pulling + Shoulders (workout #1)

Day 2 — Legs/Hips


Day 3 — Pushing + Shoulders (workout #2)

Day 4 — Legs/Hips


Shoulders to Boulders

Take a break from the usual routine and get growing again!

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The More You Lift, the Worse You Look? by Dan John

If I see one more guy with tribal tats, rolled up sleeves, and a 145-pound body doing a lat spread in front of a gym mirror, bad things will happen.

Real power and success comes from the muscles you DON’T see in the mirror, but little Eddie with his weight belt on for curling doesn’t know this yet.

I spend a lot of time in gyms. I’ve been noticing something for a while: some people look worse the more they train. They begin to get the body posture of old age with both arms bent, shoulders pulled far forward and a terrible hitch in their hips. It’s the sign of age. It’s also the most muscular pose. And that’s the issue.

As we’ve become more and more a collection of benchers and curlers, we’re making ourselves “bent” from our training. As such, I’d like to share a few ideas for you to add to your training to balance out your body and, in the process, look miles better for very little extra effort.

Now the ONLY muscle that I always refer to by name is the rhomboids. As a thrower and lifter for nearly five decades now, I’ve come to appreciate these guys for their hard work in holding me together. To keep them whole, I do something I call “Bat Wings.”

Yes, I invented them…just after I invented the Internet. Lie face down on a standard bench with two dumbbells on the floor. Now here’s where it gets confusing…I don’t care at all about your range of movement. I only want you to grab those bells and squeeze your thumbs up into your armpits, cramming your shoulder blades together. Hold it for ten seconds. Oh, yes, you did go too heavy didn’t you? Go lighter. Do this for five to ten “sets.”

The next day, that really cramped feeling muscle in your upper back is called the rhomboids. Oh, and you’re welcome. You see, the development of the rhomboids will save your shoulders, make you stand taller and lead you to a life of wisdom and wealth. Maybe.

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Health Care …. Should be called Sick Care

Visit a Doctor and you will be getting poisons, feeling paranoid, leaving the office less confident and more mental. Cholesterol is high, who cares. Do any of these Doctors ever heard of the German Commission E, Naturopathic Medical Schools, have taken even 1 nutrition course…. Of course not!

Do not know what markers are more important than high Cholesterol?

C-Reactive Protein — Lower it with Vitamin C
Homocysteine Levels — Lower it with B-Complex

LDL oxidation and plaque build up — Do something about it

Vitamin D3
Fish Oil
AGE (Aged Garlic Extract) going odorless is not have the sulfur compounds which are crucial
Vitamin E Complex (Throw out synthetic dl-alpha vitamin e ) You want d-alpha, beta, gamma, delta
Pomogranate juice
Ginkgo Biloba

Eat all the eggs you want!

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Why 99.9% of Multi-Vitamins are actually bad for you!

The Synthetic garbage of the likes of Flintstones, One-A-Day and Centrum etc… are obvious garbage that will be bad for your arteries and heart, let us the ability to get much absorption into the body.

However, for years I had been taking whole food supplements. Green Multi’s , first from Vitamin World, then the popular “Alive”

After years of research and trial and error I no longer take a multi. It cost more, but buying what you need is more important to your health. Absorption rates and nutrient timing are some of the top reasons.

IntraMax is the only multi. I can recommend at this time.

Let us talk about the Green Tablet Whole Food Supplement. To the novice, it looks impressive with all the phytonutrients and greens etc… included. However I have emailed the manufacturer about my concerns, but they are not going to change their formula for concerned customers like me.

1. Alpha Vitamin E ( probably causes heart problems and other things as this is NOT Vitamin E, it is only a part of it. Most of the vitamin companies which are in Utah, get their Vitamin E from Eastman Kodak film company. That’s right, they use massive amounts of soybean oil to process film, and the vitamin E is sold off. In order for it to not go rancid, they only sell the Alpha part. Thus if you want true Vitamin E, you must buy a gel cap that is complete, alpha,beta,delta and gamma.
2. Vitamin C — Absorbic Acid, …. what a joke, that is only the outer shell of vitamin C, pointless to take.
3. Vitamin D — It is in the form D2 and not D3
4. B-12 … It is in the form Cyanocobalimin which the liver much convert to methylcobalamin …. Thus you can short changed and you get a toxic form and you much count on your liver to convert… Instead there are plenty of good B-complexes and B-12 , then contain the active better form called MethylCobalism.
5. Calcium — In the form of Calcium Carbonate. Hey, save yourself some money and go buy some chalk to eat. It the the same garbage. It clogs your arteries. Do yourself a favor and buy Calcium Citrate, Malate, Gluconate or Orotate.
6. Vitamin A — Taking Vitamin A with D is nuts. Retinol form will block D absorption.

I really do not see the point of taking something with this garbage in it. Sure there is a lot of good things in it,…. but such small amounts.
Better off to buy your organic fruits and vegetables, … Detox products …. the Greens, getting your Blueberries, not wasting money on Mona Vie or Acai Berry etc…

I will have a better list of top supplements to take soon.

For now:

Vitamin D3 — 2,000 -10,000 IU daily
Vitamin C Complex 500 mg. to 4,000 g. per day
B-complex (with B12 being methyl form)
Fish Oil ( 2 grams per day)
Magnesium ( not oxide, unless it is a blend with it being a small amount of the whole complex)
Digestive enzymes
Co-Enzyme Q10
Green Tea
Vitamin E complex
Zinc complex
Calcium complex

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IntraMax is the only multi-vitamin that I can recommend.
IntraMax Ingredients

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